Hello all,

At 33yrs old I am just now learning to stop fighting the curls. I am also trying to totally relearn hair care. I was the only one in the family with curly hair, so was never taught to treat it any differently then the straight haired family members. Of course, I don't think they knew any different either. So I ended up looking like a big blonde cotton ball, which lead to years of straightening.
It was with much begging from my husband (he saw my hair air dry after being tossed in a pool), that I surrendered my flat iron. I told him I would try.
After looking for some tips online for frizz control, I started to learn that I was doing it wrong.... Now, I am trying to do it right, but there is A LOT to learn. (HELP!)
I have figured out the following:
My hair is low porosity
Its fine with medium density
However, I'm confused to the type. I look and "quiz" out at a 2C... but it says 2C is coarser. Which my hair is far from. Is that part set in stone? Can I be a fine 2C?
Oh... I have a long way to go....

So, Ya... hello from the really confused girl. LOL