I agree with the other ladies. A health transformation should be for YOU, no one else.

I think when you work on your happiness journey, you see how all aspects of your life/health fall into place.

Make it a slow and steady health transformation, mentally and physically. Think positive thoughts about YOU, keep a journal of your thoughts/meal plans, and keep track of you feel. 3 months from now, you will be amazed at your progress and perhaps find an athletic goal to train for, like walk/run a 5k with your friends/family.

1. Make a healthy goal for each day. "Today I will eat fruit and veggies with each meal and drink water with lemon, and I'll walk for 20 minutes after dinner."

2. Having a fitness buddy helps, but if they are not as motivated, you have to rely on yourself to get it done. Maybe it helps to get it out of the way first thing in the morning?

3. Make fitness accessible & sneak in fitness breaks throughout the day.
-I walk for 20 min during my lunch break in my building.
-Take stairs.
-I do abs, push ups, squats during commercials.
-I bought a exercise bike for cheap off craigslist, I ride it for 30-40 min when searching the internet, watching a movie or reading.

Slow and steady physical and mental changes create positive, lifelong changes. You can do it. Believe in yourself as we do.
Sandra, RN & fitness competitor.

Transitioning since 4/2008, with no plans to BC