I'm new (sorta kinda not really) to actually trying to make my hair look decent, as I've finally gotten off of my lazy bum to try and fix it, so please excuse me for any obvious and stupid mistakes I've made.... (:

but anyway, so as i've said i have (thick!)2a hair that is a little bit longer than shoulder-length. my main problem is that my hair gets extremely poofy. i've found that my ends are drier and coarser compared to my roots. not sure if that's just a flaw on my conditioning habits..

i've searched through the forums and found that you guys like specifics, so here it is!

i use aveeno nourish+shine/moisturize to wash. not washing my hair everyday is a no-no for me, as i find my head feels sweaty and nasty after i go to the gym. i've first tried to shampoo every other day, but found that that also leaves my head feeling gross (more specifically, my roots end up oily, while my ends are still dry and coarse).

i've tried to use various leave-in products like dove style+care cream serum and john freeda frizz-ease curl reviver and found those ineffective.

i've also tried to dry my hair in a bun, but my hair's so thick it was still wet after sleeping for 6 hours!

all i'm really looking for is an effective leave-in product to help ease my hair's stubborn poofiness so that I can air-dry my hair without having to tie it up in shame afterwards but any tips are welcome!!!