i am looking to add a purple tint to my hair; just a tint not turn my entire hair katy perry purple. there are a few problems. i personally don't feel comfortable 'bleaching' my hair (like using straight up hair bleach). and i don't have (in my opinion) unrealistic expectations.

i was watching jadoremycurls on youtube on the purple dye job she did here and i loved the results.

she did a previous video about her hair color. and (imo) the color looks light enough to get some results of the purple dye. you can view her video here . however, i can not find that particular hair color, and i personally don't want to use that hair color as i think it contains ammonia.

which ultimately leads to this question. does anyone know of an ammonia free box dye that i could pick up on the ground that would lighten my hair with minimal damage to the curls? i was thinking of shea moisture (i've watched a few videos where some ytcurlys did medium/light blonde twice and it got medium results). but i'd have to order sm off the target website and i'm really trying to avoid shipping costs.

i would actually like my color to turn out a darker purple than hers.but i think that can be achieved with a darker purple dye.
mod-cj, 3b/3c (spring factor of 5inches), high density, medium thickness and porosity.

the usual / hg: tressme naturals, pm the conditioner, sm smoothie, sm souffle, kccc, aussie freeze.