I wish I had satellite! I looked at ordering dogtv through roku but thought it was a bit much. Instead, I leave the hallmark channel on for Fin when I'm at work. I like him to have some noise (to drown out other possible noises in the apartments), and I picked hallmark because it's all nice stuff, golden girls, the waltons, little house. He can be pretty skittish so I didn't want shows that might have guns, shouting, sirens, etc.

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Aww. Hallmark is a good channel. DOGTV was pretty interesting. I wanted to see the different color schemes used, and they way they filmed/edited things as if it was through a dogs eyes. If I had a dog, I probably wouldn't buy the channel though. I like having a couple different cat sitter movies on hand. I got the first one 11 years ago. My tom was so excited about it. After he watched it the first time; he would walk over to the shelf where I kept my movies and look at it When you asked if he wanted to watch it, he would go crazy. They are so funny with shows like that. Trying to chase birds, etc. It stimulates and gives them some exercise, but is only a couple hours long It more of a here and there treat.

Thank you, Starmie.

Claudine, I'm glad to hear that Sadie will pull through.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??