Its a rough life with such picky hair lol. I think I'll try the ghee, I wouldn't have gone for it because of the nettle, horsetail and barley but we'll see. Are you cg? I'm not really, I tried and it was so hard with how sensitive my hair is to most natural and cg friendly ingredients. I gave up on that and just give my hair what it wants. I finally found a non drying shampoo so I've been using some stuff with cones and it turns out my hair really likes it.

The cj smoothing lotion made my hair crispy but watered down in a spray bottle with a little bit of grapeseed oil it does a decent twist out.

However, I'm in love with hydro quench greaseless moisture they give me the best twistouts they're shiny, defined and moisturized. I also did what i call the wash and go high puff and used some to moisturize after i co washed, my coils were coily and not frizzy after it dried it was amazing but hydro quench gm has dimethicone so it's not really cg friendly.

What do you dc with?