Its a rough life with such picky hair lol. I think I'll try the ghee, I wouldn't have gone for it because of the nettle, horsetail and barley but we'll see. Are you cg? I'm not really, I tried and it was so hard with how sensitive my hair is to most natural and cg friendly ingredients. I gave up on that and just give my hair what it wants. I finally found a non drying shampoo so I've been using some stuff with cones and it turns out my hair really likes it.

The cj smoothing lotion made my hair crispy but watered down in a spray bottle with a little bit of grapeseed oil it does a decent twist out.

However, I'm in love with hydro quench greaseless moisture they give me the best twistouts they're shiny, defined and moisturized. I also did what i call the wash and go high puff and used some to moisturize after i co washed, my coils were coily and not frizzy after it dried it was amazing but hydro quench gm has dimethicone so it's not really cg friendly.

What do you dc with?
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Oh gosh, the struggle is real! I had to BC twice before figuring out why my hair was always dry and tangled no matter what I did. Coconut oil gives me INSTANT SSK's every time (it's crazy!) and all my products had coconut oil, proteins, AV but it took me that long to catch on. Going forward trying to find products that does not make my hair feel brittle and dry has been just as hard. I'm lucky for the few products I have found to be ok.

My hair is very coily too. I've just given up on any sort of rigid hair regimen or product types. I used to only want to use natural products too because I only use natural skin products but I had to loosen that requirement. I just try whatever does not have ingredients my hair has taught me it hates.

Luckily though, the leave in and DC my hair like are all natural. Lucky coincidence. My hair is meh on silicones and I think at because I'm heavy handed. Also my hair can get really so having to use a sulfate cleanser weekly just nullifies any benefits. Cleansers with cocobetaine are just not enough to remove cones in my experience.

You mentioned you found a non-drying shampoo, what is it called?

The DC I use right now is Dessert organics Red Raspberry Conditioner. It's very thick and moisturizing but I have to make sure not to put it on my scalp. I mix in emu oil and argan oil which are very rich and great for protein sensitive hair. Use them to seal too.The bad news: DE reformulated it awhile ago and added aloe Vera at the top of the list *sigh* I've had to order like 10 bottles of the old formula before it dissapears forever. I was hoping to find a DC replacement in the meantime but no luck. I will probably just to back to DC with Rhassoul Clay an oils.

I'm not surprised about your reaction to curl junkie. Their DC is actually what made le realize that my hair did not like AV. The other CJ product I used gave me the same result you got. I was just hopeful. The hydroquench looks promising! I'm still figuring out how to use cones successfully in my regimen but I'll def. try it since they have a small size. Thanks for sharing!

One day when I have the time, I might work on formulating a conditioner and deep conditioner for people like us who cannot really tolerate aloe Vera, avocado oil, coconut oil, nut oils, proteins, extracts, etc. Just something that would cover most bases for very protein sensitive hair. Probably wont be easy but it will be worth it! (sorry for the long reply! I don't know anyone else with hair sensitives similar to mine so I just let it all out LOL)

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