Yes, biotin is proven to promote a healthy hair. Biotin is actually vitamin H which is part of the B Complex group of vitamins. When taken regularly, biotin helps your hair looks more shiny and healthy. Your scalp will be stronger and helps in preventing too much hair fall. I've been taking biotin from Hercules Vitamins for almost a year now and everyday I'm getting great results. Indeed, biotin is a promising supplement in helping one maintain a healthy hair.
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Are you actually aware of the daily suggested amount of biotin and how easily available it is through food? Unless you have a specific health issue, you're very unlikely to be deficient in biotin, and even if you were, there's little point in taking tens to hundreds of times what you need. Your hair isn't going to grow a foot just because you're taking 1000mcg when all you really need is 35mcg, especially when average daily intake through food is estimated to be 40-60mcg.. Biotin, along with many other nutrients available in healthy food, is necessary for hair--a very small amount of it. More isn't necessarily better.

Since hair doesn't grow at a constant rate, there is no way to ascribe increased growth to vitamin intake unless you're doing it in a scientific and controlled manner. You got extra growth this month, and it must be due to vitamins? Hell, I grew 3" in six weeks once, and guess what? I wasn't taking vitamins! Can I argue therefore that not taking vitamins increases hair growth? Not really--I don't have a basis for it, and in fact sometimes my hair grows 1/2" a month, sometimes 1", sometimes 1 1/2", and it's been that way for years. Just because something is necessary for maintenance of healthy hair doesn't mean that it will be better if you take huge doses of it, and if you have an underlying undiagnosed health issue (such as kidney disease), megadosing could actually be very dangerous. If you must supplement with biotin, the amount should be well under 1000mcg, and even that is far more than you need.

I really don't get the obsession with vitamins. Unless you're sick, they're not going to make you healthier, and they put a definite ding in the pocketbook. I'd rather save my money, go out to a nice restaurant, and enjoy my nutrients that way.
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