I recently used L'oreal Mega Reds in Med. Intense red Copper which worked very well on me. It's darker copper that fades to a vivid copper. 2/3rds of my hair was previously bleached, but I had about 4 inches of roots which were mid-dark brown. It's a very even colour throughout. That does use developer that contains peroxide though. I also have used Ion Brilliance Demi-permanent in Dark Copper Blonde which is a very similar colour but only uses lev. 10 developer.
The mega reds was a bit drying but not nearly as much as bleach, and the Demi was slightly, but not much. I didn't feel that my curl pattern changed with either of them, but previously to this, I had been bleaching my hair in order to do a bunch of bright colours, and with that my hair had loosened from a 3a/3b mix to a 3a/2c mix.
3a/2c, fine, medium density, medium/high porosity (bleached). Jaw legnth inverted bob.
Cowash- Suave Naturals Cocunut.
RO- Tresseme Naturals.
LI- Same as Cowash.

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