Glad you found something that conditions your hair! The answer is yes, you will likely have to shampoo once in a while to remove any possible buildup, just from all those silicones in that Tresseme conditioner.

Actually, a chelating shampoo could kill several birds with one stone and keep you from needing to purchase all that purified H2O. Chelating shampoo is especially good for removing mineral and chlorine buildup. So you could go ahead and use normal shower water but just be sure and chelate shampoo once a month or so. That's bound to save you money and time hauling around all that store-bought H2O.

Also, the sodium polystyrate sulfonate in it is good for removing silicone and possible buildup from quaternium-18, should you start to have problems with that. (Silicones can become a huge problem for many, if left unchecked. )

One good, relatively easy to find chel. poo is Phyto Organics Kelate Purifying Shampoo. I'd follow that up w/a good DC afterward.

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