I know this is kinda long, but I'm desperate for help...
I've had bangs for several years to hide my tallish forehead, but I don't know why I've kept them around so long....they hardly ever cooperate! See pics below. I have semi-wispy side-swept bangs that I straighten. A couple months ago I cut bangs all the way across my forehead with long ends on each side (like Taylor Swift circa 2013). Now I'm back to the side-swept style b/c it cooperates a little better.

Overall, my bangs fall flat on my forehead, poof out on the sides, and spotlight my "balding spots." AND after all-day wear, they always curl under at the ends or get weird waves throughout.

I'm tired of having bad photos (and looking ridiculous all the time) because of my rebellious bangs.

I don't want to, but I'm really considering growing my bangs out. Maybe I need to stop straightening them too. If anyone has suggestions on how I can keep the suckers straight and not so flat against my head I'd appreciate any tips. Or if anyone can suggest a different cut/style...I'm very open to hearing all suggestions.

If I do grow them out, I'm not sure how to transition them. They're eye length right now, and I can't clip them back into a pompadour everyday because I keep getting broken ends every time I do so. My hair, though virgin, is so fragile.

Ok, here some pics...
- The first pic shows how they curl under and sideways, poof out on the sides while being flat on the top, and how they spotlight my bald spots. It's just awful....

- The second pic shows how they get weird waves when worn in a side-swept style (my preferred style). Ugh. annoying

- The last pic is the lovely AnnaLynn McCord. I think I could transition to how she wears her curls, but I don't think it'd look right on me. I look weird with straightened split bangs, so I can imagine I'd look weird with curly ones too.
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I'm at my wits end w/ my rebellious bangs. Please help!-ugly-bangs.jpg   I'm at my wits end w/ my rebellious bangs. Please help!-ugly-curling-bangs3.jpg   I'm at my wits end w/ my rebellious bangs. Please help!-annalynn.jpg  
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