I used to hate myself without bangs. I disliked my hairline and my forehead is huge. When I finally grew them out it involved lots of clipping and damage but I made it . Bobby pins help and are less damaging. Tons of hair spray helps too.

Funny thing is when I look back my husband said "I sure was glad when you got rid of those dorky bangs". Haha. 11 years together and I only had bangs the first year we dated and he never said anything at the time. I remember telling him I was growing them out and thinking he would break up with me or something because of how silly I thought I looked. And at that time he just shrugged and said I would be just as cute if I were bald. We were 18 and he always said just the right things. ♡

So your forehead is probably not that bad and you just gotta get used to the different look.