I live in Canada and if you're Canadian and curly you know how hard and annoying it is to get some of the more popular products because of either a. It being non existent here or b. it costing a fortune to ship here. I hear soooo much raving about the KK products, specifically the leave in and the custard. Are these really worth while products? I'm still trying to see if I can get lucky and find them here, as I found Curly Hair Solutions products in a beauty supply store close by so I was surprised. I didn't get a thorough look around the store so it might be there for all I know but I'm doubting it. I don't think Sally's carries it either. Why are the products so hyped? And what does the custard do? Is it like a gel? Beautiful Textures has a custard and some people say its a good dupe (found at Sally's).

Oh and if anyone might know a good dupe for the custard or leave in share that as well please!
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Funny but I absolutely hated KCCC. I do use KCKT for detangling. So, it's popular but not for everyone.
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