Thank you for responding. I am sure I'm low porosity. I did do the water/strand test, I even took a shower, came back and that hair was still sitting on the surface of the water.
I should mention that my hair is currently "virgin" has not been flat ironed, dyed, heated, etc. My husband requested to see my natural blonde hair because he hadn't seen it since junior high. In order to remove all the black dye, I chopped my hair into a pixie cut. When my hair started growing a little, it wouldn't lay flat and was too still too short to flat iron. I let it start waving and curling and everybody loved it. So, I started trying to go with it instead of fight it. Right now it is slightly past ear length.
Right now I'm Co-washing with Suave Naturals with Aloe. I use DevaCurl One Conditioner as a rinse out and leave in. DevaCurl Hair in Heaven as a weekly deep conditioner and DevaCurl AnGEL Light hold for styling. I use DevaCurl as they made it easy by labeling No sulfates/waxes/silicones. Honestly, I was going cross eyed trying to read labels.