I'll admit, when I was first starting out CG, I hated KCCC and KCKT. They didn't have enough moisture and didn't have enough hold, and my curls just went limp. Now that I have a handle on my protein/moisture balance, and know a routine that works for me, I decided to revisit it.

Target just recently became a superstore in my town, and they JUST got Kinky Curly, I know, I've been looking at that aisle for four years Since I'm in Michigan, maybe it'll make it's way up to our next door neighbors lol.

So yeah I finally found it, used it as a curl enhancing jelly, not as my only gel, with Volumax mega hold on top, and I was impressed. My hair did end up fluffy and a little undefined at the end of the day, but it was still curling at the roots, so I just need to tweak the routine a bit. I'm happy I can put another on-ground gel into my stash, but I won't go running to the stores when I run out. I am a fan of Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel as a curl enhancing jelly, and it is a lot cheaper, and also sold on iHerb.
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stylers: (rotating) CJAF, CCCC, SMCS, Ecostyler, KMFUM

love oils, avocado and castor oil are my favorite

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