Hey, i know this story it took me a while to work out what I was doing. I also can't use backing soda and ACV - I NEED conditioner

I found that 'co-wash' method worked best for me. I can't go with out conditioner but I can go with out shampoo. I use a Sukin basic conditioner to 'wash' may hair (I find it leaves my hair beautiful soft and clean), then Sukin hydrating conditioner as a leave in. "Washing" my hair with conditioner and not shampoo has been the best thing i've done for my hair.

Very occasionally I do need a shampoo, but I use a 'natural' shampoo that does very little damage.

Milk Shampoo | MooGoo Skincare

There are lots of healthy, natural and organic conditioners on the market and they don't have to break the bank. Good luck!
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