Hey Neirelle--I actually am from Texas too (or grew up there for most of my childhood at least), Dallas area. But right now I'm going to school in Southern California where the weather is definitely more constant (which is nice for the hair! sorry you have to battle the humidity wavydaze). Glad you were able to start loving your curls; people definitely do appreciate big hair haha. Yeah--as you and hambo02 probably know--I've noticed that a lot of people get confused by curly hair on people who aren't black when I was reading a bunch of the responses in the "Dumbest hair comments" thread. Lots of stereotyping that all asian girls have pin straight, black hair when that is far from the truth (especially us mixed girls)

Asianrunner, I've been reading that razoring/thinning is a no-no anyway, so you're probably right in not wanting to mess with your thickness. Judging by your profile picture it looks really pretty!

I just started using the CG method and am trying to get my 2A-2B hair to clump in larger sections/minimize frizz. Already it's nice to see that I have a lot more definition than I could have imagined just by not brushing my hair and following the right shower routine.
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