Well mostly my hair tends to be soft, but I screwed up recently by using a hellish henna concoction. So now I'm trying to condition well to maintain a proper moisture balance. Here's how I've been using YTC to aim for that moisture balance and to counteract possible drying from the sea salt it contains:

After co-washing or shampooing, I first finger-comb w/Biolage Conditioning Balm. I let the balm sit in my hair for about five minutes. Then I rinse that out and apply the YTC. Lately I've been following all that up w/homemade FSG to further lock in moisture.

But I understand how expensive the balm is, and that it adds an extra step to the routine. Sally's does have a Biolage balm knock-off though which is just a fraction of the price.
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How do you like the Biolage? I am so curious and might want to try the GVP version.
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I really, really like it It really helped me re-moisturize after my serious OD on protein. At first I DCed w/it by leaving it on for 30 min.s in a plastic cap, sitting under a hair dryer. Once my hair recovered more, I started using it as a RO, after letting it first sit on my hair for about 5-10 min.s.

Only thing is, I can see how using it too often could cause the opposite problem: over-conditioning. So I'm using it less often now, unless I'm using YTC as a LI. In that case I use Biolage as a RO first, to counter-act the drying salt in the YTC

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