summer of 2010 it did my first big chop. my last perm was in October of the previous year. i was around some friends at school and one of them said I would look good with an afro. i was always fond of afros anyway, thanks to my aunt b/c her hair was natural and very beautiful. She's my biggest inspiration for going natural. i'm so glad i made that choice.
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Urged on by a compliment ... that's terrific! Do you happen to have any hair pics you'd feel comfortable posting? (Either way, thanks for your story.)

I had micro braids. I kept them in for 3 months. I could not deal with taking them down, so I cut it and had an afro. I decided to keep the hair.
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Same question for you Africana, any pics?
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I went natural over 13 years ago. I'd have to search from pics from then. recentish pic: airdryed, no product, and obviously not detangled

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