I just started trying the CG method 3 weeks ago. I had wavy, very thick hair down below the middle of my back. I generally don't blow-dry or otherwise heat-style my hair but over the past year it had gotten harder and harder to manage, and it was getting almost curly in some places, but stick-straight in others, and due to a chronic illness, I simply didn't have the energy to try and wrangle it one way or the other, whether with curlers, heat, or whatever, so it was constantly in a ponytail anymore. My stylist cut more than half of it off. The first major haircut (not counting trims) that I've had in 12 years!!!
Now it's just skimming my shoulders.

Well, that made some of my hair bounce up. But the rest was still very straight. Still about a 2c in some spots, 3a in others, and straight - 2a in other spots. I decided to get the straight areas permed to match. She did an awesome job, as you can't tell the difference between the natural areas and the straight areas. Now it's pretty consistently 2c/3a all over, with a bit of 2b undeneath in back. Still pretty thick, but layered nicely so I don't have a triangle-head lol.

I am now following the CG method and have found that it is soooo much easier now to take care of my hair, which is exactly what I needed.

I welcome advice on making things easier, best products, etc. Thanks!

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