The question is, how does one successfully work with more than one porosity? My roots are virgin, LOW porosity. They dry within ten minutes after a shower! There's about three inches of that, and then BAM! High porosity! 3+ hours of drying time in my super fine hair! Styling products that work great for the roots don't work well on the length. Products that are great on the length just sit on my roots!

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Actually, you have the porosity thing reversed. Low porosity hair takes a LONG time to dry because the cuticle is "tight." Highly porous hair "gives up" moisture easily. So, your length should dry faster if it's porous and your roots slowly because they are low porosity.

The attributes of absorbing product are correct--your porous length absorbs quickly and it sits on your roots for a long time.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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