I'm so sorry for her!! Bad haircuts really do make you really self conscious (speaking as a teen who has had some pretty bad haircuts)
For her hair, is growing it out possible? Even if just to chin length and shaped right, curly bobs are awesome. Is it possible for you to get to a curly stylist? Or a stylist who knows stuff about curly hair? A good cut will seriously boost her confidence, which can only be a good thing.
In the mean time, try using pretty clips and headbands to accessorise, and look round this site for curly hair info. A diffuser is probably worth investing in, and some gel or mousse. Is she following the curly girl method? Following it (cutting out harmful sulfates and silicones from hair products and stopping dry brushing) will make her hair healthier, and some people find it makes their hair grow quicker.
Good luck with the PCOS!!