Kate,it's probably more likely that the ends take longer to dry because they have more product on them, and your roots have less....
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That was my original thought, too... so then I clarified and went a few days without product (because I need to know, right? ).

Same thing! What I think is happening, though, is that my roots aren't taking much water in to begin with. I've noticed that even in the shower, they tend to feel dry. My showers are usually under three minutes (really utilitarian), but today I decided to sit under the showerhead until my roots really felt soaked. Took much longer than that.
3A/2C | fine | high-po length, low-po roots | medium density | shoulder-length

Shower Time!
Treat: EVCO
Co-Wash: DE Unscented Condish with added lavender and tea tree EOs
Condish: DE Coconut Condish with added local honey

After Shower: Homemade FSG with added gelatine

+ bi-weekly protein DIY treatments (gelatin and egg yolk)
+ mindful nutrition