Well mostly my hair tends to be soft, but I screwed up recently by using a hellish henna concoction. So now I'm trying to condition well to maintain a proper moisture balance. Here's how I've been using YTC to aim for that moisture balance and to counteract possible drying from the sea salt it contains:

After co-washing or shampooing, I first finger-comb w/Biolage Conditioning Balm. I let the balm sit in my hair for about five minutes. Then I rinse that out and apply the YTC. Lately I've been following all that up w/homemade FSG to further lock in moisture.

But I understand how expensive the balm is, and that it adds an extra step to the routine. Sally's does have a Biolage balm knock-off though which is just a fraction of the price.
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How do you like the Biolage? I am so curious and might want to try the GVP version.
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I really, really like it It really helped me re-moisturize after my serious OD on protein. At first I DCed w/it by leaving it on for 30 min.s in a plastic cap, sitting under a hair dryer. Once my hair recovered more, I started using it as a RO, after letting it first sit on my hair for about 5-10 min.s.

Only thing is, I can see how using it too often could cause the opposite problem: over-conditioning. So I'm using it less often now, unless I'm using YTC as a LI. In that case I use Biolage as a RO first, to counter-act the drying salt in the YTC
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I saw this thread earlier and picked up some Biolage and Yes To Blueberries. I love SMMoisture Retention, but it doesn't have enough slip for me, so I'll try mixing it with YTB. Hopefully using the Biolage at least weekly will counteract the amino acids in YTB.