I use YTC since the main detangling agents (Behentrimonium Chloride and Cetearyl Alcohol) are identical to OC which is an amazing detangler. I was able to cut the cost more than half by switching to YTC. But now, you make me want to get YTB! My hair gets very dry, so thank you Dusa! I will definitely be considering this!

BTW, Yes to lip balm is awesome too! It leaves my lips soft even after the balm wears off. ALSO, Yes To cucumbers makes an amazing face lotion. It gives that sort of cooling feel, but a little goes a long way too, so even though it seems it's in a small bottle, it lasts a long time! It doesn't leave a greasy feeling since it doesn't contain mineral oil or petrolatum like most main stream face lotions contain.

Sorry, I clearly like Yes to products! lol Thank you Dusa! haha
Originally Posted by Samanthascurlz
Samantha, are you using YTCarrots or Cucumbers for the slip? I'm gonna go pick it up today.
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