Its true that the season and where u live have an effect and should count in the equation as well.

I live in AZ where its very dry, no moisture - except for 2 months in the summer during monsoon season when the dew point and humidity soar. I do change my styling products during this season, but havent changed my shampoo/conditioner.

I have coarse thick long hair that is color treated and I used to flat iron it more than i wore it curly until the last few months when i got highlights and it got a little dry. My shampoo and condish both have a couple proteins low on the list of ingredients -but my jessicurl styling products and DTs do not.

My hair feels pretty good, and i only experience frizz in the dry winter months - maybe thats when i should change my shampoo/conditioner?

ive never thought this hard about my hair - but if i could figure it out - my hair would look and feel better!
3a long thick -botticelli hair when there is humidity
2c wavy w/curls if there isnt.
currently using Bioterra & KMF in winter
Jessicurl styling in summer
Natures Gate poo & condish
Thank you NC for bringing me back to curly!