I've never had issue with my curls. My whole family is curly and, I have to say (modesty isn't my strong suit), I think I have the nicest curls of the group. People always used to tell me that they loved my curls, that I was so lucky, etc., etc. I asked hairdressers to straighten my hair after trims a couple of times just for fun, but I knew I'd be going back to being my curl-proud self the next day.

Then for whatever reason I got into straightening it. I suppose I was in a "phase." I wanted something different. Most people I knew complained about my straight hair and told me they liked it better curly. After about a year, I got sick of the hassle and started wearing it curly again. I love it and can't imagine going back to wearing it straight anytime soon.

Only one friend has given me any grief over it, and she makes me so angry that I just want to scream. She shows me infomercials for "miracle" products when she knows I'm not interested. She brings it up on occasion. I keep telling her how much I like my curls and how NOT interested in straightening I am. At first I tried to be polite - it takes a long time, it's damaging, etc., etc. Now I just snap at her. I don't like my hair straight! The worst thing she ever said was that straight hair "looks so nice if you're dressing up." Like curly hair is lazy and too casual, and makes someone look like a slob. That's the only time I've ever really felt angry at someone for their attitude towards curls... so I guess I've been very lucky to have curly support around.

The cutest thing ever was when my darling little brother told me he didn't like my hair straight because he felt like I was being unfaithful to our curly family. What a doll he is!
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