Yes, given that your hair isn't dry, straw-like, or crunchy (which would indicate protein overdose), your current routine seems to be working for you. If nothing else, as you try new products, your current routine is a good baseline if something new doesn't work out.

Sorry, I overlooked your siggy in favor of the texts in your posts. If that's Kiss My Face Upper Management gel, the 2nd ingredient on their website is glycerin. If that's Biotera Styling gel, the ingredients list I saw has glycerin and propylene glycol and no oils higher up to counteract them. Either might be contributing to your winter frizz.

No reason not to try a new product if you want to, just choose based on ingredients that will work with your hair properties. I would definitely only change 1 product at a time though, so if you get effects you don't like, you'll know what did it. If you didn't click through to the excellent article linked on the protein vs. moisture page, you might want to read it. It has good detailed info. on evaluating moisture /protein balance.

Back when I exclusively cowashed, I liked a weekly ACV rinse. ACV closes the cuticle down (porous hair has a raised /open cuticle), so no wonder you like them. They help clarify and handle some mineral deposits if you have hard water too.
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