I wouldn't do a reactionary BC just yet. If you do a BC without figuring out your basic issue, you risk having to deal w/the whole ordeal again as your hair grows out.

I completely agree w/you about keeping things simple. That's my hunch too. Choosing one chelating shampoo (for once per month shampooing), and throughout the month, sticking wit a quality conditioner that doubles as a co-wash and LI. The conditioner would ideally be one w/out "cones" or quaternium (along w/minimal or no protein, of course).

Also, deep conditioning 1x per week might be good, so that you place your hair in a plastic cap and either sit under a hooded dryer for up to an hour, or if you don't have a hooded dryer, simply keep the conditioner in for a couple hours w/your hair in a plastic cap plus a towel to lock in heat.

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