Okay I'll write out all the changes I've made in my routine that I can remember:
Before -
Shampoo with regular sulfate or sulfate free shampoo
Condish from above ears down
Brush with regular brush
Wrap hair in t shirt
Smooth on Garnier Leave In
Apply moroccan oil from mid to ends
Scrunch in mousse all over
Pineapple over night
My hair wasnt really great with this routine (lots of frizz) which is why I wanted to change

After (now) - wash with low poo
Condish from above ears down with Aussie Moist
Brush with TangleFix (tangle teezer dupe)
Smooth on Giovanni DLI
(Sometimes) smooth on KY Liquid
Smooth on or scrunch in Curls Rock Amplifier
Smooth and scrunch gel (varies between Equate Sport Gel or Garnier Pure Clean)
Im experimenting with different drying methods, diffusing is unpredictable, air drying is okay, i usually prefer to pineapple over night but I feel like thats pulling out some of my curls?

The tangle fix has much finer, much closer together bristles but I only brush in the shower, could it still be causing this puffy undefined issue? Wide tooth combs just do not work for me, they tangle my hair even more. Man this is just so confusing
Originally Posted by Sarxh
Hmm, I'm going to still vote for more gel, and possibly try skipping the KY Jelly. The combo of LI + KY+ Curls Rock could definitely be overkill. In my experience, finer hair needs a good amount of hold to maintain definition, and the more you layer underneath, the more hold you're going to need. From my experience (going way back to when I first joined this site), Pure Clean Gel gave awesome results but could be really tricky to use because of consistency and majorly increased drying time. I don't think protein is an issue, since you're main complaint is soft hair. Plus, you were using the MoroccanOil mousse, which has a decent hit of protein. I have chin length, layered hair that is fine in texture and thick in density, so it's a challenge to distribute product thoroughly and evenly. I can easily use almost 1/8 cup of gel, depending on which type I use. I also found that applying gel is sections helped immensely. I add LI and curl cream while still upside down (I rinse upside down), then flip right side up and roughly set a part (I just adjust the curl clumps to resemble a sort of straight part). I apply gel in a total of 5 blobs. First blob is smoothed over part and canopy. Second, third and fourth blobs are applied to left side, right side and back, in a combo rake/scrunch technique. Then I flip over again and apply the last blob, scrunching into the length. From there I plop.

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