I tried making flax seed gel for the first time today. I must have done something wrong, because it is not a clear or milky white gel...

The first batch is brownish and very foamy. I used about half of the amounts mentioned in the recipe. When I drained the seeds almost nothing came out. Just some thick foamy gel, almost like jello.

I figured I cooked it for too long. I was waiting for it to get foamy, which it never did. Maybe because I was stirring al the time?

I tried again with the same seeds. I waited until the seeds started to float upwards as mentioned in the recipe (still no foam like the first time) and then drained. The gel gathered was about 3/4 of the amount of water I used. Is that about right? It seems way more liquid than the first time. But it is brownish and not white...

What am I doing wrong here?????

Oh I used a non-stick pan, does that make any difference?
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