I almost fell for one of these too. I wanted a Vespa in the worst way, and that's almost how I got it!

The supposed "seller" claimed to be a British man with a summer home in Florida, who was forced to return to the UK due to a stroke (**dubious, but possible**). (He explained that it had affected his communication skills, so I should forgive him if his writing wasn't very good **missed red flag**) This person even sent a picture of an older gentleman on an airplane, which he said was taken just before takeoff. The scooter was supposedly in storage in Tennessee, where his friend would arrange shipment once my Western Union payment was received (**missed red flag**). When I went to buy the WU order, I was shocked at the fees, so I asked if there was another form of payment he would accept. He sent me the name of a company I hadn't heard of, and though the website looked legit, I decided to do some more research. Not surprisingly, the company was a fraud.

When I informed him that I was aware of his scam, and I would not be sending any funds, he became belligerent and threatened to come after me for his money. I threatened to report him to Craigslist, after which I never heard from him again. The CL rep told me that any listing requiring a remote transfer of payment is almost invariably a fraud, and pointed out the warning that appears at the bottom of every CL posting:

Avoid scams, deal locally! Do NOT wire funds (Western Union, Moneygram).
Beware cashier checks, money orders, shipping, non-local buyers/sellers.

Live and learn. I was more fortunate than your friend, but it was a very close call.
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