I tried making flax seed gel for the first time today. I must have done something wrong, because it is not a clear or milky white gel...

The first batch is brownish and very foamy. I used about half of the amounts mentioned in the recipe. When I drained the seeds almost nothing came out. Just some thick foamy gel, almost like jello.

I figured I cooked it for too long. I was waiting for it to get foamy, which it never did. Maybe because I was stirring al the time?

I tried again with the same seeds. I waited until the seeds started to float upwards as mentioned in the recipe (still no foam like the first time) and then drained. The gel gathered was about 3/4 of the amount of water I used. Is that about right? It seems way more liquid than the first time. But it is brownish and not white...

What am I doing wrong here?????

Oh I used a non-stick pan, does that make any difference?
Originally Posted by _Eva_
Brown seeds will give you a brownish gel, I prefer the golden ones only because the gel looks better. The brown seeds work just fine.

It sounds like you probably did cook it for too long the first time.

Depending on how high the temp is, it may not foam up while cooking and yes, constant stirring is fine, but may have hampered the foam.

The second time you use the same seeds, the gel is always thinner.

Yes, you will end up with less gel than the amount of water you started off with...some of it will evaporate as it boils.

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