I actually think ombre looks better on curls and waves than it does on straight hair because the color looks more blended because of the natural curly shape of the hair. My curls aren't as tight as yours, but I can post a picture of how my hair looks with my ombre. From my experience though, I think the ombre would look really good on you!

My one suggestions would definitely be: Go to a professional! It's worth it--if you really want it save up the money to get it done by someone you know that can do a great job. You don't want to end up with a bad dye job or fried hair that you have to chop off--it's just not worth it.

First picture is with the salon blowout; the second/third are with my naturally wavy hair. With at least a little wave in my hair, the color looks better than when my hair is straight (though it still does look good straight thanks to my colorist).
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2A wave pattern, Long & swavy; Medium hair - Questionable porosity - High density - Normal elasticity
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