If I had sufficient documentation to win the case, I would def file in small claims cort. Just on general principle. I would also notify CL and put her on blast on the CL message board.

I wonder if it's possible that some legitimate thing happened to the woman and she just hasn't been able to respond?

It was on a much smaller scale but back in the summer of '05 I bought a few items from a boardie here. And I never received my stuff. I was kind of ticked until I realized she lived in New Orleans...and Katrina had just hit. haven't heard from her since. It happens.(I hope she's OK, wherever she wound up.)

I'm not sure what the license has to do w/ anything. Do you mean her drivers license? I guess I thought you meant like her real estate license or massage therapist license or nurse's license. LOL

It's an expensive lesson but some ppl, most notably elderly ones, have been bilked of their entire life savings and will never be able to rebuild it.
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She is currently disputing the charge on her credit card. And she did put a notice on craigslist and put her license picture that the scammer sent her too. Also, nothing happened to that *****. She has continued posting the same ad on CL everyday only now she added that she's selling the phone to "pay for dorm fees"
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