I did my first Komaza Protein Strengthener last week and I am in heaven. This stuff completely rocks. The GPB is nice, but I would use that for a quick fix if I only wanted to devote a small amount of time.

You do have to sit under a dryer or use a blow dryer without agitating the hair to let your hair dry. My hair has too much length and volume for the hooded dryer I own and I have to find something else. I used my blow dryer and it worked out fine.

After rinsing, I followed up with HE Honey, I'm Strong conditioner. It was the first time using it, so I don't know how good it really is, but together my hair was sublime when it came time to style in twists.

I have fallen in love with the Komaza line. I also use the Califia Pudding, the Califia crème. I have coarse, wiry hair that loves heavy products.

According the label, you don't have to use a conditioner after the protein treatment. I guess that would be up to your hair's individual needs.