I was thinking about this a while ago. I know what I thought so I asked my husband "what is the most important thing you can give a child" and surprisingly he said the same thing I was thinking. . . an education.

I (we) feel this way because I have some people in my family who "love" their children. That's all they talk about how much they love them. These same people have never stressed an education to their children. Education was never important to them. Some of them grew up and dropped out of high school. The parents didn't seem to think this was wrong. These "kids" now can't get jobs, can't keep jobs, can't support their kids (who they seem to have with several different women or men). BUT they love them.

Please as a parent stress the importance of education to your children, especially in this high technology world we have today. Make them stay in school. Some day you will be gone. All that love you gave them isn't going to provide for them and their families if they have no education or training to go along with it.