To elaborate.... even the issue with education stems from a lack of respect for authority. From things like kids not listening to teachers and no backup discipline at home. Parents yelling at teachers because their child got disciplined.. to adults blaming the cops because they got pulled over or got caught trafficking drugs or whatever. Ask a person who can't get a job because of their criminal history, but its never their fault, there's always an excuse.

How about teaching our kids that their actions have a consequence? Going to school and doing well results in a higher paying job... breaking the law results in going to jail and not being able to get a job.

I am educated and I enrich and encourage and love my children every day. But above all I discipline. I explaine what the consequence will be when they misbehave and above all I follow through. Sometimes this is really difficult. I really want to give my 4 year old a lollipop becuase he will stop crying but I already told him if he hit his sister again I was taking it away. Many parents threaten but don't follow through.

If they don't respect authority they won't do well in school and will not do well overall in life. When they get older yes teach them when its appropriate to challenge authority. People who challenge authority become leaders of course but you have to be smart about it. For example... arguing with your college professor is likely to wind you up with a bad grade and damage your GPA. I learned that one the hard way!

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