While I agree that education is a huge thing I have to take a step back at this point. I have a son who has serious problems in school. Because he is borderline on disabilities he can receive no more help than he's getting even though he needs it. We have had to stop stressing getting great grades and start stressing try your hardest and we'll be proud. This might sound horrible but I don't see college in his future. Giving him other outlets that he excels in has been a huge help.

I think self esteem/healthy body image is a huge deal.
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I agree with you here. College and higher education isn't for everyone. Each person has their strengths and in the case of someone who doesnt do well with standard education I think that learning a trade is important. We need to play to their strenghts and even those with disabilities should learn to be proud of what they CAN do and not feel failures for what they can't. We love our children so we want what's best for them and a college education may not be best for everyone.

I'd still go with love, but love has a lot of aspects to it. For instance you love your child so you want the best for them in the future which means you want them to be educated. And, you love them so you want them to be good people, so they need structure, discipline and guidance. It's too complicated to give it just one word.
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I think this pretty much sums it up. We discipline because we love them and want them to do what's right. We stress education becuase we want them to succeed because we love them.

We are nothing without love