He can get the treatment at his own expense in 35 years.

You go to prison because you did something wrong. You hate to be harsh but at some point you have to ask to what kinds of health care are criminals entitled? Dialysis 3 days a week or should they get that pump implanted that is often better? I'm okay with giving a female inmate a hysterectomy if needed but I'm not sure about a breast reduction. Yeah she might have some back pain or emotional pain, but should we pay for it to be alleviated? What about hip or knee replacements? As the baby boomers age in prison, might we see more of those kinds of requests?
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Yes, esp. thanks to the mandatory sentencing laws; more ppl will be serving longer sentences.

I think prison medical staff would reccommend treatment for anything anyone on the outside would have reccommended. A lot is currently spent on psychiatric treatment, incl psychiatric drugs! And I don't see that part changing any time soon.

My friend is a corrections officer in a juvenile prison (12-21) and he has to take them to a big university Hospital when they need procedures too complicated to be done onsite. He says they have a lot of weird ailments -- peeing in two streams instead of one, hemmorhaged rectums (sodomizing one another), swallowing contraband, ingesting their own excrement, malnutrition from refusing to eat and pica...

I would imagine it gets worse as the inmates get older. Lots of them (adults have serious psychiatric issues and HIV).