I'd like to try this method but to be honest, I am finding it hard to understand what he is saying. Can someone give me the Cliff Notes version?

It would be appreciated!
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I find his writing style kind of confusing too... I had to reread the article several times and I kept it open to refer to as I styled.

Here's what I did...

Standing upright, I squeezed out some water with my hands. I then raked in a nickel size of One Condition as a LI. I concentrated it in the bottom 3/4 of my hair but also raked from roots to ends after it was mostly in. I squeezed various sections. I then repeated this process with 2 pumps of B'Leave In.

I flipped my head over and scrunched with my hands a bit. I also ruffled my roots.

I then took a quarter size of gel (LALSG), rubbed it between my hands, put my hands in an open finger comb position, and squeezed the product from roots to ends in various places (basically gripping chunks between my fingers and scrunching together and upwards). I then took another quarter size of gel, grabbed all of my hair at once, and scrunched upwards. I continued scrunching the gel into my lengths upside down and leaning side to side.

I continued scrunching with my hands a lot. I then used a t shirt and scrunched and held sections for 15-20 seconds each. I did this upside working around my head, side to side, and upright.

I positioned my hair and clipped up my roots. I then divided my hair into 2 sections (left and right). I piled each side in the diffuser (while it was turned off) and diffused low heat low air for 2 minutes each. I did a small section in the back for about a minute then the roots and sides of my crown for an additional minute or so.

This is just how I interpreted it... I could be totally off.
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