I agree w/ a healthy self esteem and a lot of confidence. Formal education can do a lot but nowadays more than 30% of the population has a college degree. And not all of those ppl are successful or content w/ the direction their lives are taking. A lot of educated ppl are in dead end jobs, in financial distress, in bad relationships, struggling w preventable emotional issues, etc.

Yes, I think love is necessary for healthy self esteem.

Not trying to minimize the importance of education; but I personally don't know anyone (socially) who hasn't completed high school. So in my little world, a high school diploma is a given. I used to think a college degree and maybe even an advanced degree were all but necessities. But now I see that ppl w/o them can do well...especially if they are White.
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MY bf doesn't have a college degree but he has always made good money. He does have a very broad skill set, something rare, I think.
I always joke with him that he has those jobs because he is male and white. He is all about work so he is well aware that if he gets laid off/unemployed he will be competing with the same skill set that has a college degree. So I think that makes him push himself harder at work.