I just generally have taken to squeezing. Squeezing in my conditioner before rinsing out. Taking my leave in (SMCES of late) and raking it along the bottom portion of the length and squeezing along the shaft and then I scrunch a little.

THen take the filler (FSG, JCCC or JC RR, B'leave In, SSCEJ anything that would have been the second layer, just as always) and rake and squeeze along the length, but not much above the ears (he specifies that but for me it makes sense, that is my most porous and also where my wave is, I don't have a bunch of root curl), then scrunch a little to get wave going.

Then take my over gel (usually BRHG, but could be UDG or AA whatever you normally use as your "hold") and I again rake and squeeze along the shaft and you can go a little higher than where you started the filler, or all the way to the root if you have root wave or do your styling upside down (yes, that squeezes out the wave, but this seems to work) and then scrunch (Sometimes hand, sometimes towel, depending on how wet my hair is) until I get the wave as I like it. The wave comes back, it really does. Then diffuse as usual.

You can adapt this to what works for you. And, maybe if you have normal or low porosity, it may not work or work as well as another technique. But for me it does quite well. As I said, I think the mechanics are similar to why scrunch and pump works, or smastering. It evens distribution and also fills the shaft with a moisturizing filler so the shaft hangs on to that moisture better.

Now, You may also have to adjust by weight. Finer hair maybe needs light fillers like FSG or maybe use a spray gel if that works. Scott has also mentioned using a cream as filler, and mousse as the sealer, because it has some hold properties. Interestingly, the best benefit I have seen is easier to refresh, better second day hair. It just doesn't seem to take as much for me to regenerate definition.

It's honestly not totally different from what people in general do now. It's just a guideline to be extended and adjusted, maybe help you see how your hair behaves. Some of this is making sense to me because of the thread on here about moisture and conditioning. I finally get what the balance thing is about.

One last thought is that this may help frizz as you aren't immediately shoving the hair shaft up with product, pushing lighter fly-away hair up and away from its home. It gives you a chance to attach it to the pack with the squeezing along the shaft before you scrunch. I think it is also very similar to very wavy wavies or real curlies who take product and really smooth it down a whole clump of hair, actually pulling and elongating before they scrunch. They can do that because they have such strong patters. I think pulling as opposed to just squeezing down the shaft would be harder for a lot of us wavies to bounce back from, but I would guess this acts in a similar functional manner.

I think this technique may work a little more like molding and giving structure to our weaker wavy hair, with the gel cast as the same function of holding it there. I suspect second day hair is even better in some ways, because the filler/sealer method has kept the shaft more moisturized, hanging on to water. I will say, I have medium width (more on the fine than coarse side, but still medium) with medium density. I can probably hand a little more weight than some gossamer fine peeps. And yet I see a lot of fine hairs who can use stuff that no way can I use! KCCC, or gobs more product than I use.

So much of this still depends on experimentation. Finding what works for you. But this is another idea to try. Again, it's not so different than scrunch and pump, but just another method of distribution that may or may not work. I have found things out from trying it that definitely assist me in a better wave pattern.

I did this very thing this morning on second day hair, only wetting and rinsing the length because my crown was fine and I didn't want a whole wet head. I used SMCES as LI, CJPP (my first time using it) as filler and topped with BRHG. Help up awesome all day. The first pic was this morning and the second at the end of the day.
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