Will the color remover change the color of my natural hair? It seems like what happened is the purple dye acted as a barrier when I bleached my hair so underneath the purple is my natural colored hair.

Also if I wanted to go back to a more natural looking color would you suggest semi over permanent color? This semi red that I have in now has washed out of my roots within a week and would like to find a permanent close to my natural so I don't have to keep dyeing it.
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No, the color remover will not change the color of your natural hair. I do believe that parts of your hair were bleached due to the color stripper, even if you say that purple dye protected it from bleaching (your roots for example). The color remover will only remove the color molecules from your hair, leaving your hair in the state before you applied the color (copper-orangey/natural). Try ColourB4. But be aware that color removers can be less efficient with a non-oxidizing color (purple, cherry red, orange, green, blue etc.) than with a more natural-looking color.
I would suggest using a true semi-perm (level 1) with no ammonia or peroxide. True, the color is difficult to maintain but I believe it is more versatile than the true perm (the perm will give you that one, even color from the box. There aren't that many blonds and redheads with roots as light as the ends, don't you think?). For a more even coloring process you could use a protein filler on your hair before applying the dye.
Best of luck!