What you posted is indeed what most people are taught in school. However, it's only a very basic rule of thumb that's highly simplified to the point of inaccuracy. Scientists have long understood that there is way, way, waaay more to sex/gender than XX or XY, or what someone's genitals look like. For example, fetal exposure to sex hormones is known to play a major role in sexual development, and current research suggests that it plays a role in whether people are trans*. As with most genetic traits, multiple chromosomes are involved in sexual development, along with epigenetic factors (conditions that affect DNA expression).

Many, many people have intersex genitalia, or three or more sex chromosomes. Some people are XY but develop as female because they're insensitive to male hormones. So are these people "wrong," or is the simplified XX/XY definition wrong?

Furthermore, countless societies throughout the world have (or had) three or more genders. Having two genders is no less arbitrary than having three or four. The concept of an XX/XY sexual dichotomy only sounds natural to us because it happens to match our culture's gender binary.

And, as I've shown, people who are experts in this subject consider transgender to be a real thing, and medical transitioning to be a medical need.
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The point of the x and y chromosome is to signal the body to make hormones at the same time to differentiate the sex organs and secondary sex characteristics so that reproduction can occur and the species survives. Mistakes happen and that's how we get abnormalities. Some mistakes are so bad the fetus doesn't survive and a miscarriage happens. Ever heard of an ancephalic baby? Born without a brain? No they don't survive... at least not very long.

The ones that do survive like trisomy 21 and downs syndrome do have disabilities Its the same with many medical disorders. You can die from adrenal and thyroid disorders if not treated.

Someone without the biological disorder, with normal chromosomes, normal sex organs, and normal secondary characteristics... they have a psychiatric problem just as does someone with bipolar or schizophrenia. And they do need therapy and medication.

However some argue that the treatment for this gender identity disorder is surgery and hormone therapy to change the outward appearance. This does not give a male ovaries and the capability to get pregnant. And maybe its an effective treatment. But let me ask this.... if a person says they have always known they were only supposed to have one arm and will never feel right with two arms do we cut off their arm for them? I mean where do we draw the line? A true sociopath doesn't have emotions... so do we just let them murder people so they feel better? Is that an effective treatment? Like letting a mass murderer plead insanity... well of course youd have to be insane to kill a bunch of innocent people for no reason.

I get that there is a difference here. A normal person with a gender identity problem isn't hurting anyone, but this guy risked the lives of people serving our country and he wants us to pay for him to have a sex change to help him feel better? Im sorry but no. Yes do surgery to take an appendix out if needed. Give antidepressants if needed or whatever psych meds. Treat diabetes and thyroid disorders, treat them for their hepatitis and HIV but no we do not need to pay for a prisoner to have a sex change.

And like I said I am not trying to judge anyone who chooses to idetify with a different gender. Like I said it is there choice, and maybe has some to do with how they were born. If they aren't hurting anyone then fine let them be.

Oh and the incidence of true intersex conditions is less than 0.02 percent

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