And please keep in mind I am not trying to minimize any psychiatric disorders. My brother who has a different father than me, has a manic disorder with psychotic affect or something like that. He is extremely intelligent and kind. But he had his first episode when he was 18 and it was scary. He wasnt dangerous but he couldve been hurt himself. He didnt sleep for weeks and was having acute psychosis. I remember taking him to the hospital and praying that he was on drugs. I mean im glad he wasnt on drugs but It broke my heart to realize this is a lifetime diagnosis. when he takes his medications and is stable he is great. But if the meds get messed up or he decides not to take them he may be ok for a while but will eventually wind up acutely manic. And his psychosis presents with things like delusions and paranoia.

So yeah I realize the significance of treating psychiatric illnesses. But my little brother is not a criminal. He doesn't break the law and hurt people. When he starts getting manic he gives away all his money and tries to help everyone. He may wind up broke and homeless sitting on the side of the road talking to God but he hasn't hurt anyone.