So.. for the eprson who cheated... it's ok you can still be in XD Cause I cheated too, my hair was straightened yesterday. Anywho... yep, so YAY more people joined! And here I thought I was all alone. Anyway, hi other new people who joined the challenge! So no more straightening for me, or anyone starting NOW!
Originally Posted by frizzyflyaway05
lol nooooo I was planning maybe to straighten for my bday in Dec.
I could probably resist but its gona be hard

Ok here's my hair no heat
Jus heat damage haha & color.
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Originally Posted by Johari
LMBO. I think she was talking about me. I'm the one who said I was cheating.

Yay! I'm getting it straightened on Tuesday. I'll keep you guys posted on the length.

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