Do you find your hair ever gets dried out from skipping LI? Or does the rich RO take care of that?
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My hair rarely feels dry anymore- I think I finally have the moisture/ protein balance right.

But you have to remember I live in an extremely humid environment....so that helps. I use a leave in about 2x a week, though.

It depends on what stylers I plan on using that day. I now use a leave in mainly to combat the extreme crunch from some gels.
2C/ Coarse/ Normal porosity/ SW Florida/ Salt & Pepper
Cleanse: AIA cowash, TJ Tea Tree Condish
Condish: JC Too Shea, Tresemme Botanique
Stylers: flax/okra gel or KCCC + CJ PP or JC Spiralicious
Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!