I'll have a look around for that e-book. Thanks for mentioning it!

I guess it gets easier the better you know what your hair is like and what it needs. I've just started, so I get kind of confused by how my hair is behaving lots of the time. But that's a whole different subject

Still I think it is wonderful to realize that it is possible in one way or the other to have beautiful curls. Even if they are climate controlled
Hair type: 3b, normal porosity, medium texture

co-wash and rinse out: Inecto coconut conditioner
leave in: sHegron Aloe vera conditioner or Inecto coconut conditioner
styler: L'Oreal gel / mousse

Currently experimenting with home made flax seed gel (latest version with agave syrup and gelatine), home made protein treatments (latest version with gelatine and coconut oil)

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