So it has been 1 year since I did the big chop and I decided I wanted to dye my hair for a change. I've never dyed my hair before even when I was relaxed and I'm only a natural ingredients type of girl.

I went for the Shea Moisture Hair Color because it had no ammonia in it and it seemed like it would be the best hair color for me. My hair is naturally black and I wanted to go to medium chestnut brown. I knew my hair wouldn't take because of how dark my hair was so I planning on dyeing it twice but the Target I went to only had one box.

I continued anyway and dyed my hair. I didn't do test patch because I didn't want to have to mix the dye and then it oxidize. So I dyed my whole head and left it on for 45 minutes. When I went to rinse out my hair was soooo dry. It even relaxed my curls a little bit. I still followed directions and by the time I was done my ends felt rough.

I continued with the finishing elixir and my lovely camille rose moisture milk as my leave in and put oyin's whipped pudding on my ends to curb the dryness. My hair felt fine by the end of the week but I could still feel the dryness on the ends. So today I'm DCing with the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and as soon I put the product in my hair got dry and mangled all over again.

Is there a solution or did I really damage my hair?